Liverpool: around the Albert Dock


The day after our thorough exploration of the World Museum we had a more cursory look around the Tate, where A and I were both particularly taken with Jackson Pollock’s Summertime Number 9A..

…which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before, perhaps here in Liverpool last time I came, which must be almost thirty years ago. It was lovely to watch to S who would choose an artwork and then sit on the floor by it to ponder for a while.

Then the took a short wander around to the Liverpool Museum…


My favourite thing in there was…


No, not the view out of the window to ‘the Three Graces’…


…though that was very good, but rather this glass map of Liverpool…


Otherwise, I was in an impatient frame of mind, but I did want to take a photo of this Brougham carriage; first produced at Brougham Hall near Penrith which we visited back in 2011.


A steam engine never goes amiss either.


As I say, I wasn’t of a mind to linger, so whilst the others explored the museum further, I popped across the way…

P1020428 the Open Eye gallery where there was an exhibition of black and white photographs of Japan after WW2, which was more my speed.


I was even less absorbed by the Maritime Museum; the kids really enjoyed the display about the work of UK Customs and Excise but I did a whistle-stop tour and then came out to sit on a bench and watch the world wander past. Perhaps a full day at the Woeld Museum the day before had temporarily exhausted my appetite for Museums. These hungry herring gulls kept a beady eye on the tourists too,…


…ever ready to pounce on any crumbs, or indeed chips, which dropped to the cobbles.


Liverpool: around the Albert Dock

4 thoughts on “Liverpool: around the Albert Dock

  1. Hi Mark, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your Liverpool posts. I’ve only been once…a day trip when I was about 18…so a long time ago!
    It looks like there is so much to do and how nice to be able to record what you did for yourself and the family in years to come.
    Wish I had a window on the past like this.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It wasn’t really my intention when I started the blog, but then a foresighted commenter predicted that as a family we would one day treasure a record of our holidays and trips out, and how right she was! I do love looking back at old posts, but I also think that I remember trips better when I’ve recorded them thoroughly on the blog (which I usually do, where time allows).

  2. A fine city that deserves more time than I gave it on my one visit in 1983 to check it out for a day as a possible university home for 3 years. Clearly it’s been re-branded 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Blimey, don’t let Uncle Fester hear you saying anything complimentary about Liverpool, he may never speak to you again. I suspect that you’re right – I think that it has changed a lot since then. My previous experience of Liverpool is almost as limited as yours. I visited a few times when we were at Uni – to visit an old school friend, with whom I went to the Tate amongst other things, and with Sean to see Echo and the Bunnymen. Since then I’ve been to Goodison to watch a dour Everton vs Leicester game and we brought the kids to Speke Hall and Knowsley Safari park (but even that was pre-blog and so quite a while ago).

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