Liverpool: Radio City Tower


This was another inspired idea, gleaned from a post on Down by the Dougie: for a fee, you can get the disconcertingly quick lift to the top of the Radio City Tower and enjoy huge vistas over the City.


Even on a gloomy day it was spectacular.


You can find out a little more about the tower’s history here.


It’s quite dizzyingly tall. In retrospect, although it was very high on my hit-list of Things Which Must Be Done In Liverpool, it’s probably a good thing that we didn’t go up there on either of the previous days when the sun had been shining, but there had also been a gale blasting in off the river. I overheard one of the radio stations employees mention sea-sickness and I concluded, rightly or wrongly, that the nausea had been induced by the swaying of the tower in the wind.



My hit-list also included visiting one or both of the cities cathedrals, but we didn’t make time for that, so it was good to get reasonable views of them both from the tower.




Royal Liver Building.


The World Museum and the Central Library – you can see the roof terrace from where we’d had a previous view of the Liverpool skyline.

Liverpool: Radio City Tower

5 thoughts on “Liverpool: Radio City Tower

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Oh yes, we homepaged that big boy! Language, as the Ginger Whinger is fond of pointing out, is the art of communication and once again your spell-checker has failed spectacularly: I can’t imagine what you typed before the words got mangled. It’s a good job you don’t work in the telecommunications industry, because this really isn’t a great advert for their…….oh, hang on………

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          Go up = homepage; an easy mistake to make. Maybe we’re witnessing a breakthrough here: has your spellchecker developed a mischievous sense of fun? The first dawning of genuine AI?

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