Lincoln Castle, Steep Hill, High Bridge and Brayford Pool


I’m sure that, at least briefly, I was almost up to date for a moment; now I seem to be woefully far behind. Queue a hasty sequence of mainly photo based posts.  So anyway, the last day of our post-Easter trip to Lincoln was spent in Lincoln itself.


The castle has recently re-opened after a refurbishment.




It was a lovely sunny day and actually warm, which seems hard to believe now in snowy June. The castle was very busy. Apparently it has been hugely popular since it reopened.


And why not? The walls are not especially tall, but the views from them are magnificent.


Lincoln has very few tall buildings, so the Cathedral tends to dominate the view. The only competition comes from this water tower…


…built in the early part of the twentieth century in response to an outbreak of cholera. And then there is a windmill, which we have yet to visit.


Maybe next time.

Within the castle walls there is a working court (the far building), and a former, Victorian prison (on the left here).


More of which has been opened to the public than previously.


We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the grounds of the castle and then had a stroll down Steep Hill (I think, officially, Castle Hill).



My Dad, who has thoroughly researched both his own family tree and my Mum’s, tells me that some of my ancestors lived in this house on the left….




Down in the town, we had some book tokens to spend, well the kids did anyway, and some sight seeing to do.


This is Stoke’s Coffee shop, which sits on….


…High Bridge. The shops are relatively recent, only built in 1550, whereas the bridge is around 400 years older.

A flotilla of swans came flooding from Brayford Pool onto the River Witham…



I think that some of them had been paid to pose for the tourists.




Brayford Pool.


After a preposterously huge Chinese buffet, we headed back up the hill to the environs of the Cathedral.





Lincoln Castle, Steep Hill, High Bridge and Brayford Pool

7 thoughts on “Lincoln Castle, Steep Hill, High Bridge and Brayford Pool

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That’s a challenging run! You can find sneaky street parking if you know where to look. My Mum grew up in the St. Giles area so that’s the part of town, at the top of the hill, that I know best. Well – the only part of town I know at all well.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’m not sure if I count as a native, although I was born in Lincoln, which must make me a genuine Yellowbelly, I’ve never lived there, my first five years, spent in Waddington, the closest I’ve come. I do enjoy visiting however.

  1. I like the picture taken from the castle walls. Gives it a very continental feel. A much nicer city than I remember from a visit with TBF many years ago

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      At the bottom of the hill there’s a particularly unattractive area of flyovers and retail hangars. As with most places you have to be selective. Big commons round the outskirts too mind, and the medieval Bishop’s Palace is well worth a visit.

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