A Spring Saunter–Primroses and Toothwort


Almost, but not quite, a final fling of our Easter break; the following day, a Sunday, B and I went to an optimistic barbecue in sunshine and a very gusty wind.


Anyway, the boys and I had a bit of a local wander. Where were the girls? Shopping I think.


Our route took us through Clarke’s Lot, where the primroses were in fine form.



Then through Burtonwell Wood to Lambert’s Meadow…



Wood anemone.


Past the pond at Bank Well and along The Row to Eaves Wood.


There’s another tree here, by the path, which is infested by toothwort. It’s those adapted leaves on the stem which lead to the name. They don’t serve as leaves in a conventional sense since they don’t photosynthesise, hence the lack of green. They are parasitical, living entirely on nourishment from the roots of a host tree, usually hazel, although I’m pretty sure that this – I say ‘this’ because one plant will throw up several flower stalks over quite a wide area, spreading under ground – I’m pretty sure that this plant wasn’t on a hazel.


Another common name is corpse flower, either, I’ve seen suggested, because of the lack of colour, or because the plant was known to grow above a buried body, which is a bit of a grim image, given that it’s a parasitical plant.


A Spring Saunter–Primroses and Toothwort

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