Whitsun Treadings I : Round the Coast to Arnside


Beach near White Creek on the Kent Estuary.

How does staying at home become a great holiday? Have some old friends over to stay who are the kind of house guests who make life easier rather than more stressful and who are adept at chilling out and taking thinks easy.


Early Purple Orchids on Arnside Knott.


A view from the Knott looking across the estuary.


A rare, warm, sunny moment. 75% of the Sherpas and Funsters family take a post-pie digestion rest prior to the next onslaught of over-catering, which almost certainly featured Avocados.


Tree climbing. Note Dangerous Brother too high in the tree, probably trying to scare the Shandy Sherpa, certainly succeeding in scaring me.

This was the first of several short local walks during our week. It’s a classic route, oft reported upon on the blog over the years – round the coast to Arnside, pie in the pie shop on the prom, linger in the playground in Arnside enjoying a brew courtesy of Andy’s diddy stove, then back via the Knott. Incidentally, I’ve started to read Patrick Barkham’s ‘Coasting’ – a friend at work lent it to me. It recounts visits to numerous National Trust coastal properties, one of which I notice, is Arnside Knott. I’ll probably produce some sort of half-arsed review when I’ve finished reading it, but I’m expecting to enjoy it because I liked both ‘The Butterfly Isles’ and ‘Badgerlands’.

Andy’s longer version of the same day – with more text, more, and better, photos (although some of them are spoiled by some foreground blimpage) can be found here.

Whitsun Treadings I : Round the Coast to Arnside

4 thoughts on “Whitsun Treadings I : Round the Coast to Arnside

  1. A favourite walk of mine, usually involving a detour up the Knott for those fantastic views over the estuary to the Cumbrian mountains. And so quiet too (except when a train rattles over the viaduct!)

  2. Not very often that the word “chilling” is used in reference to me but I’ll take it! Easy to relax when your hosts treat you so royally although it did feel at times you like were fattening us up for slaughter 🙂

    A cracking walk and the sunny finish really made it special, got things off to a fine start for the week. The kids all get on so well which is great, usual adage of happy kids = happy parents, albeit with the added fear factor from the DBs exploits

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well, OK, you have to vent a bit of spleen every now and again, but since that’s usually fairly amusing (intentionally or otherwise) it never seems to detract from my own feeling of chilledness. And I recollect feeling very relaxed for the entirety of your visit. Even the fact that you were worrying about the DBs and their lax attitude to safety made me feel like I could worry a bit less than I do normally.

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