Whitsun Treadings II: Attermire Scar


When we were anticipating our friends’ visit we had several discussions about which local highlights we ought to share with them. A walk from Settle visiting the caves in and around Attermire Scar was high on our list, so when the forecast predicted a fine, albeit cold, day we set off to do just that. In fact the weather was a good deal cooler than it had been when we did the walk last year in April. An account of that walk, with a bit more detail about the caves in particular, can be found here. And Andy’s account is here.


This is TBH on the very steep ground close to Attermire Cave – I don’t seem to have taken many photos generally, and none of the cave – probably too busy chatting.


The grassy ledge which leads to the cave has an added obstacle in May of nettles, making April a good time to visit I think.

What made the day was the company, the views, the huge picnic we had and the fun we had exploring the caves, but my choice of photographic subjects dictate that the principal feature of this post will be the mountain pansies….


…which were abundant in one small spot between Attermire Cave and Victoria Cave.


I always get very excited when I find these flowering. They’re a cut above the blowsy, over-stated flowers which proliferate in our borders and hanging-baskets.


Approaching Victoria Cave.

Of the caves on this walk I would say that Attermire Cave, because of it’s dramatic position, is the one I like the most; but, after our last visit, the boys held firm to the view that Jubilee Cave was their favourite. Jubilee Cave is either one cave with four entrances, or four caves which all connect together, depending on your point of view. The last time we did this walk, TBH and A turned back to Settle before we got to Jubilee Cave. Since then, B, bless him, has been very anxious to visit again so that his sister could see what she had missed.


I think she enjoyed it every bit as much as he expected she would.


Even older children can crawl through the tight little choke holes which give access to the cave…


Captions on a postcard please….?


Looking back to the Scar.


Back in Settle.


Whitsun Treadings II: Attermire Scar

3 thoughts on “Whitsun Treadings II: Attermire Scar

  1. In a week full of good days this was my favourite, probably all the eating and caving, with the DBs keeping me on my toes.
    Suggested caption – “wish I hadn’t had that extra pork pie” or “one armed bandit emerges from his hideout”

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Ha ha! At present you are winning both first and second prize in the caption competition – a pork pie and an avocado.

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