Whitsun Treadings IV: Wildflowers and Cuckoo Fanciers On Warton Crag


It’s a cause of ongoing frustration to TBH that I tend to snap away taking endless photos of distant views whilst neglecting to capture images of our family and friends. On this occasion I not only managed the latter, but also apparently spurned the marvellous views as well. Instead I took lots of photos of flowers.


Warton Crag is a modest hill and a quick ascent and descent could almost certainly be managed in around half an hour. (Less I suppose given that Joss Naylor could run from Wasdale Head up Scafell Pike and back in 47 minutes.) But we chose instead to sort of spiral in, via the Three Brothers and numerous pleasant copses and glades.


When we’d arrived in the car-park we heard a cuckoo calling. We heard the same again several times whilst we were out that day. Rather suspiciously we often saw the same two people, away from the principal paths, just before or after we heard the cuckoo(s), and always in roughly the direction we thought we’d heard the cuckoo from. Later, the Proper Birder told me that the BTO were trying to catch cuckoos in the area so that they could attach a tracking device to them. The Proper Birder was very excited because two of the cuckoos they tagged were from close to her home in the Forest of Bowland. On the BTO’s website you can track the southward progress of the birds. You can see also that they didn’t find a bird on Warton Crag. But they wouldn’t have been there had they not had good intelligence that cuckoos were present, so it is possible that some of the calls we heard weren’t recordings being used to lure cuckoos, but actual resident cuckoos, which would make them the first I have heard in the immediate area around home.

Whitsun Treadings IV: Wildflowers and Cuckoo Fanciers On Warton Crag

3 thoughts on “Whitsun Treadings IV: Wildflowers and Cuckoo Fanciers On Warton Crag

  1. I don’t remember any of the cuckoo nonsense. My brain must have been elsewhere, probably taking photos of distant views and capturing images of family and friends 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Very wise on your part – I was quite excited however, because I was so shocked to hear the cuckoo in the car park – in 20+ years I really haven’t heard a single cuckoo closer than Hutton Roof. I usually need to go up to the Lakes to hear them. The non-existent early summer we had has been disastrous for our summer migrants. There have been no flies for them to feed on – apparently most nests have failed to produce any fledglings.

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