Hutton Roof Sunset


So, obviously, I’m aeons behind. But here are some photos from back when the evenings were long and I could get out for a wander after work. You’ll never guess – I climbed Hutton Roof and watched the sunset.

I’d parked, as I often do, at Plain Quarry, but broke with the norm by taking a track I’d noticed before. On the map the track ended abruptly at a wall – I was hoping there would be a gate in the wall and I would be able to continue heading across the slopes to Lancelot Clark Storth Nature Reserve.


The woods were of densely packed beech and, given how sunny it was, surprisingly dark – much gloomier than this photo suggests. The leaf litter was deep and crunchy and my footfalls made enough noise for three people – unnervingly so: I kept looking behind to see who was following me.

Sadly, there was no gate. so I turned and followed the wall uphill instead, which eventually brought me to some limestone pavement…


And then fine views from the vicinity of the summit.


Looking to the Forest of Bowland.


Looking to Ingleborough.


Middleton Fells.




I’d quite a bit of time to wait for the sunset. I wandered about a bit, messed around with my camera and it’s settings, and finally found a comfortable spot to lie down and enjoy the show.




Hutton Roof Sunset

2 thoughts on “Hutton Roof Sunset

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      1947, 1963 etc, they’ve all been invoked. Sadly the kids have heard this story somewhere (not in the Express I hope) and have accepted it as gospel. I hope that they are not in for a disappointment.

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