Camping on the Llyn


Summer comes and once again we’re camping on the Llyn Peninsula with the usual suspects.


We had a couple of very wet days early on, but after that the weather was fine, but not particularly hot and often very windy.


Purple Loosestrife.


Small Tortoiseshell enjoying Purple Loosestrife.

As usual our ‘radius of activity’ whilst we were there was pretty narrowly focused; we mostly stuck to the field where we were camped and the beach below it.


After 10 years of annual visits, it was quite surprising to find the beach quite markedly changed; superficially because of the waves, the seaweed and the jellyfish (including the ‘sails’ from By-The-Wind-Sailors which I’ve never seen before) which the stormy weather was bringing in, but also more substantially because the beach seems to have steepened, with a considerable bank of sand around the high-tide mark. One consequence seems to be that the tide doesn’t go out as far as it did, making it more difficult to walk around at low-tide to the ‘secret beaches’ beyond the main strand. The beaches were also more stony than they have been in the past.


B found this little chap in our tent when we were packing up.


I’ve searched through my field guide but to no avail; I can’t identify it. Any ideas?

Here’s B with his next find…


A Garden Snail…


And the sling? He broke his Radius just below the elbow, on the trampoline in our garden, shortly before we came away. He must have thought I was missing Lancaster A&E. He’s fully recovered now, although he gets occasional twinges, usually brought on by imminent washing-up duties.

Anyway, it was a great trip. Not sure what will happen next year when late school holidays and other planned trips look to be squeezing our window for a Tudweiliog getaway. (Imagine a suitably miserable looking emoticon here, since my technical know-how is insufficient to provide one).

Camping on the Llyn

2 thoughts on “Camping on the Llyn

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There is that! Also, I don’t usually take my camera to the beach – I had problems with the last one after taking it down to Porth Towyn.

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