Dalton Zoo


Hard on the heels of our trip to Wales followed the further excitement of a visit from our American cousins. Is it really two years since we went to visit with them? Tempus fugit and all that. Anyway, one of the many exciting outings we went on whilst we were in Virginia was to Washington Zoo. Now, don’t get me wrong, Washington Zoo was mighty fine – they have a Komodo dragon! – but we thought (and still think, not that we’re biased or anything) that Dalton Zoo in our humble little corner of the North-Wet of England would, at the very least, run it pretty close in a face-off, zoo vs zoo.

At Dalton you can feed the emus, the lemurs, the penguins (although we were too late for that fishy pleasure) and the giraffes…


Not to mention the kangaroos…



At Dalton, set on a windswept Cumbrian hillside, the enclosures are generally quite large, so that these rhinos, for example…


…were photographed on a long zoom.

The zoo has recently expanded, making room to accommodate lots of new residents…


…including, as well as the wolves, snow leopards and two kinds of jaguar.

The old favourites are all still present and correct…


A second, large, bird enclosure has been added…


Although the emus aren’t the only birds which seem to be able to wander fairly freely…


I was chuffed to get a photo of one of the giant otters…


As if all that isn’t enough, the zoo now has two – yes two – train rides to enjoy…


Professor A was so enthused he even wore his Casey Jones cap for the occasion. (OK I may be stretching a point there).


An enormous playground has also been added…


Real concentration was required…


Although a broken arm didn’t seem to be any hindrance when clambering to the top…


Funny how the pain always returned, and the sling was pressed back into service, whenever there was washing-up to be done.

Weeks after the event, S reported a conversation he had overheard in the zoo’s gift shop. A mother and daughter were looking at animal wall-pegs which were personalised with various Christian names:

“Mum, how come these things never have my name on them?”

“Because your name is unique, dear.”

I waited a while for the punch line to come, but S seemed confident that his story had finished.

“So, what was her name?” I asked.


Obvious really.

Dalton Zoo

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