When (sadly) our guests had to leave us, they were heading off for another family get together. We did the same – taking a long drive down to Snettisham, near the north Norfolk coast, to meet my parents, my brother and his kids and a gaggle of assorted Aunts, Uncles and cousins from my mum’s side of the family.


This courtyard, where we enjoyed many sunny breakfasts and also several barbecued meals was one of my favourite parts of the trip: it was a very relaxing spot in which to sit and relax.

We spent a significant part of the week on nearby beaches, particularly near Hunstanton, but we did get out for a couple of strolls. These photos…


…were taken in Snettisham Woods.

I was struck by the number of trees there, which, whilst they were clearly oaks of some kind, were also slightly unfamiliar. The first thing which struck me was how glossy the leaves looked. Then I noticed that the acorns weren’t quite as expected…


…some being ‘hairy’, others ‘knobbly’…


As well as Snettisham Woods this woodland is called Lodge Hill Plantation – it seems that somebody has been collecting exotic oak trees. I thought that I might find something about these oaks on t’internet; I didn’t, but I did find this leaflet which covers exactly the same route that we came up with.

More Norfolk adventures to follow.


4 thoughts on “Snettisham

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s was a cracking holiday – we spent most of it on the beach, of which I have no photos, but we did have a couple of other trips out.

  1. Ray Murdoch says:

    I found your blog by accident whist checking info on Beating The Bounds. The hairy acorns are the seeds of the Turkey Oak and the knobbly ones are ‘galls’ growing from the acorn Galls are caused by a reaction from the plant to invasion by insects e.g. Gall wasps which lay eggs within the plant. If you remove the knobbly growth from the acorn and cut it in half you will find either the egg or the larva inside. Hope this is useful.

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