Castle Acre Priory


Having had a gander at Castle Acre and a wander around the village and the church, we still had one more treat in store: Castle Acre Priory.

First however, we had to say goodbye to my brother and his kids, who were heading back to Zurich via some old friends in London, and to my mum and dad, who were ready to head back to Snettisham.


The priory is pretty stunning…


And, like the castle, had surprisingly few other visitors.


As ever at English Heritage properties, our visit was hugely enhanced by the audio guides, which brought the history of the priory and the monks who once lived here vividly to life.



The Abbots House.






I was struck, as I was when I visited Furness Abbey, by the ingenious way in which water had been diverted through the Priory for use by the monks and then into fish ponds.



Here the local flint has been cleverly used to decorate the outer walls of the Abbot’s house.




More scenes from the village – I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a pub called ‘The Ostrich’ before. I wondered whether it might once have been ‘The Ostler’?

Meanwhile the boys had never encountered a red telephone box before…



The Bailgate again.

And that would be all I have to say about our visit to Castle Acre, except for the fact that it was a warm sunny day, and as at the castle, I was often distracted by the resident insect life.

This stunning dragonfly…


…was feasting on some sort of fly atop a wall by the entrance to the Priory.

In the little recreation of a walled physic garden by the visitor centre, there were Gatekeepers…


And these marvellous flowers (I’d really like to know what they are, as they were a magnet for insects – very tall, six feet or more, with large spherical white blooms) were host to many bumblebees and hoverflies…






Castle Acre Priory

6 thoughts on “Castle Acre Priory

  1. I enjoyed this post.

    The Ostrich – from my round Wales walk:
    The location – Newland in The Forest of Dean – SO 554 095

    Day 35, 24th May 2011

    “The Ostrich is a real find, with old world
    pub atmosphere, good food, comfortably warm, tables and seats at
    correct heights for eating, a big selection of real ales, and
    background music but good jazz. I had: spiced belly pork terrine
    set with apple and sage jelly, and crusty stone baked bread, then
    smoked haddock baked in cream, egg and horseradish, and topped
    with dauphinoise potatoes and mozzarella cheese, and to finish,
    pear and stem ginger frangipani tart with ginger wine cream.
    Who says I’m going soft?”

  2. You headed south as I headed north.
    Wonderful pictures, Sir – you really caught the atmosphere of the place. The Ostrich is a fine pub. I was last there with Robin Evans, who drank tea!

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