An Entomologist on Arnside Knott


Another day of blue and sunny skies and an afternoon, post rugby walk up the Knott and back with B. The interest started before we left the house, with a visiting row deer in the garden. Unusually, I was in the garden at the time – most of the time deer will only visit when we are safely ensconced in the house.


A Speckled Wood.


On Heathwaite – a clearing on the wooded ridge which leads down from the Knott towards the sea – B and I had fun exploring the many large meadow ant hills. Most of them seemed to have at least one resident spider and B also enjoyed catching grasshoppers.


The view South to Warton Crag and the Bowland Fells.


Red Admiral.


Arnside Tower.

An Entomologist on Arnside Knott

6 thoughts on “An Entomologist on Arnside Knott

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Definitely a Roe Deer, but I can certainly see what you mean! There have been feral wallaby populations in the UK. I think that there was a group on the Roaches in the Peak.

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          I think that I did see them once, when I was still at school. I recollect them being a bit sad to be honest, like the reindeer that Uncle Fester and I once encountered in the Cairngorms.

  1. The deer looks enormous! And I also thought kangaroo like, probably the way that it’s moving making the front legs look smaller. Sure it wasn’t an escaped roo on the run?

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      The compost bin behind the deer is about waist high on me, and I’m around 5’10”. Roe Deer are quite small compared to Red Deer, but I suppose quite large compared to most wildlife you expect to encounter in a UK garden.

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