An ‘At Home’ Weekend


Of course we’re often, in fact usually, at home at weekends, but this weekend, the first in October, was different in as much as it was our annual get-together in Silverdale with our friends, a gaggle of whom had come over to stop. As so often seems to happen on these occasions we walked to Arnside and back on the Saturday and didn’t get around to climbing Warton Crag on the Sunday.

We were duty bound to go to Arnside – it was the Apple Day, which happens once every two years and which we always try to attend. Everything apple related was on offer – apple-bobbing, apple-peeling, apple-juice, an apple-pressing demonstration, information about growing apples and making cider…oh, and of course, welly-wanging. No, I don’t see the connection either.


I bought a mixed bag of different apples to try – I particularly liked the Charles Ross.


In addition to general apple-related festivities, local and national conservation charities were represented, various traditional crafts were demonstrated and lots of people were selling foodstuffs of various kinds.

The boys were most excited to see the pennants flying in the orchard which they had helped to decorate at school.



On the Sunday we visited the Burtonwell Wood Rift Cave, an attraction which was enjoyed by children of all ages…



Then we wandered down to Jenny Brown’s point, stopping on the way to chat to the small group working on the excavations around the old chimney there.


Since our friends always visit in autumn their visit always coincides with the flowering of the ivy and the frenzied feeding of wasps, bees, butterflies et alia which seems to ensue.


Not too dissimilar from the scene in our kitchen on the Saturday night when we all shared a take-away from our local curry-house, although nobody went so far as to stick their proboscis into the Handi Achar.


Traveller’s Joy.



A highly enjoyable weekend getaway without any need for stressful travelling on our part. Marvellous!

An ‘At Home’ Weekend

2 thoughts on “An ‘At Home’ Weekend

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I didn’t take all that many – which either means that the weather was shocking, or in this case, that I was too occupied in chatting to get around to it.

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