Between Coats


So, with the electricity out in Lancaster I found myself off work with some unexpected free time. When it became apparent that this would happen, my first thought was, “I’ll paint the kitchen.”

Well, that may have been my second thought, after “I can have a lie in.” Or third perhaps, after “I could get out for a good walk”. And if not third, it was definitely my fourth or maybe fifth, well, not more than my eleventh thought. It occurred to me just after TBH said: “You could paint the kitchen,” as she lugged paint tins, brushes, etc in from the garage, wearing an expression which brooked no argument.


I did get out for some short strolls, between showers.


Down at the Cove I could see various large bits of flotsam, presumably washed into the channel by the storm. I could also see the next shower advancing across the Bay…


Time to get back to the painting!

The kitchen does look spick and span though. It’s white now. Much better than before.

What’s that? Before?



…it was white.

Between Coats

6 thoughts on “Between Coats

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Very droll! The kids assume that it’s their sole right to decorate the kitchen walls with art work – far be it from me to argue.

  1. I prefer to bring men in to do my painting, part of my trickle down economics plan, benefitting the economy and all that. Or possibly I’m just lazy. Fine photos and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t get the horizon level in a photo. Old fella’

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I prefer just to live with things how they are. Those men cost money.
      I’m sure that the horizons in my photos always used to be level, but these days they never seem to be. Perhaps I habitually list slightly without ever being aware of it?

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