Heysham Coast


And then…I’m way behind again. This little ramble seems so long ago now. The kids were trampolining, I was at a loose end, but the weather looked promising and the sun was shining on St. Peter’s. (I still haven’t been inside, there seemed to be a wedding on.)


Sadly, the weather rapidly deteriorated, but the Heysham Coast is perfect for a short invigorating stroll.




Although the views are somewhat marred…


…by the proximity of the nuclear power station and the ferry port.


(I can’t seem to do level horizons any more. I wonder…do I stand at a crazy angle without even realising?)


Later the boys and I were out again for another brief wander near home. Lambert’s meadow…


…was back to being a meadow, after weeks spent submerged.

Easter holidays started today, hence some time for me to catch up. After weeks spent submerged.

Heysham Coast

8 thoughts on “Heysham Coast

  1. The race is back on then. Time to catch up on blog reading while I sit in a hotel waiting for GM to show up and head off into the cold, wet and soon to be snowy Welsh mountains

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yep. It won’t take me long to catch up, sadly, but hopefully I can create some more walks to report on over the next two weeks. Enjoy you’re snowy mountains.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Hi Dan, as you know, I’m always keen to get some pics of wildlife of one sort or another. The Oystercatchers seemed to be grimly determined to hang on to their perch even though the modest waves were washing over it.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thank you! Yes the juxtaposition is a bit stark. Heysham village is also very pretty (once painted by Turner I believe) but the power stations are a bit grim. Once you know that they are there its also hard not to pick them out whenever you have a view of the Bay, which can be from The Lakes, The Bowland Fells, some parts of the Dales. Bit like worrying a bad tooth!

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