Meall Glas


Ben More.

Another day of blue skies and sunshine! Another marvellous walk.

When we reached this collection of boulders it seemed like a fine place to stop to admire the view.


Actually, when the others reached this collection of boulders, I presume that it seemed like a fine place to stop to admire the view and wait for Tail-End Charlie, i.e. me. When I finally caught up, I declared my intention to spend the remainder of the day there, or thereabouts, sunning myself, snoozing, taking in the scenery etc..

It seemed like a fine idea, but in the eventually, when the others had set-off, I decided to follow on anyway to see how far I might get.

They were headed for Meall Glas…


…and some of the party were intending to climb…


…Sgiath Chuil too.

Here they are together, along with some more vertical stripes…


I have a feeling that when I first climbed these hills, many moons ago, there might have been three Munros here, and that one of them has subsequently been downgraded, but I’m too lazy (and unconcerned) to look it up.


The rest of the party must have realised that I was still, despite what I’d said, dogging their tracks, like Frankenstein’s creature trailing across the ice, so when they found a snow free patch they waited for me again.


The final push!

By the time I reached the top though, only the Tower Captain was waiting, the rest having gone on.


Obligatory summit photo number three.

If anything, I think I enjoyed this second outing of the weekend even more than the first.


If I’m allowed to quibble, perhaps the views were a little more hazy compared to the Saturday.






…summit panoramas.

But I can cope with a little haze!

Amazing weekend.

Meall Glas

2 thoughts on “Meall Glas

  1. What a day! What a weekend! I thought the haze added something to the views especially later in the day. Absolutely cracker! I’d better save some hyperbole for my own posts

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