Good Friday: Myers Allotment


The first day of our Easter break and the sun was shining. I walked up to Clarke’s Lot to check on the grike which is filled every year with primroses. Only a few flowers so far this year.


By Slackwood Lane bark peeling from the trunk of a gean, or wild cherry, was catching the sunlight.


I generally try to avoid walking on the roads, but Slackwood Lane does have the advantage of perhaps the best view of Leighton Moss…


It also brought me to the bottom end of The Row…


..and hence to…


I’ve been intending to have a wander around this reserve for years, but somehow seem to have never got around to it, despite it’s proximity to home.


I really enjoyed this visit and I suspect I will be back sooner rather than later.

Because it’s a Butterfly Conservation reserve, I was expecting to see butterflies. I know that’s illogical, and I realised that at the time too, but never-the-less, every slight movement had me spinning around expectantly. I didn’t see any butterflies.


But there quite a few bumblebees about. Most were bobbing from spot to spot, efficiently evading my camera, but I spotted this one amongst the leaf-litter, keeping almost perfectly still. It wasn’t dead, as I thought at one point,  but I’m not sure what it was up to.


This could be Bombus Hortorum a common and widespread bee, or, more intriguingly, it might be Psithyrus Barbutellus, a cuckoo bee which preys on Bombus Hortorum in much the same way that Cuckoos prey on other birds.


I thought these striking yellow legs might help with identification, but it seems not! Maybe they are just dusted with pollen?




At a coffee morning I acquired Roger Phillips’ ‘Grasses, Ferns, Mosses and Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland’, and consulting that I’m inclined to say that this…


…which was growing on an oak tree, is Common Polypody.


A number of paths criss-cross the allotment and I shall have to make several visits to attempt to make a good mental map of the place.


Hazel catkins.


I returned home via the Row, Lambert’s Meadow and Burton Well Wood.


Marsh Marigold in Lambert’s Meadow.

In Burtonwell wood I finally saw a butterfly, but wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of it. I did catch some emerging leaves..






Ivy. (OK – not emerging these).



Good Friday: Myers Allotment

4 thoughts on “Good Friday: Myers Allotment

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Alan,
      I enjoyed taking them and then have enjoyed looking over them to put together a post – the joys of blogging. I’ve been back to Myers Allotment today and have discovered a view which I think means that it will become a favourite place to visit in the area.

  1. Quite surprised that even having lived there for several years there are places on your doorstep you’re yet to visit. It’s a real treasure trove for walks, makes very jealous compared to our local walks of muddy arable fields

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, it is pretty fabulous. I’ve been out a lot over the last week and although mostly it’s the same routes I’ve walked many times, there’s always something new to see.

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