Silverdale to Keswick IV: to Keswick


The final leg, and only a half day really. We’d arranged to meet TBH in Keswick at around one, and since we’d been walking rather slowly I wanted to make an early start. We were off by eight, around an hour earlier than we managed on the other mornings. Our route was a no frills affair: follow the River Derwent to Grange and then the western bank of Derwent Water to Keswick.


We didn’t need to cross the river, but who can resist stepping-stones?


Shortly after we left Grange it started to rain and it continued to do so for the rest of the day, although it wasn’t very heavy until we were almost at Keswick. There was a cold wind blowing up the valley too, but at least it was at our backs and since we were in woods for most of the walk we were often sheltered from it.

Where we stopped outside Grange to don our waterproofs, A noticed a hare loping across the field ahead.


I’ve walked this route a couple of times before and it’s very pleasant. It’s a shame we didn’t have better weather for it, but on balance we’d done pretty well over the four days.


Across the lake Skiddaw seemed a lot closer than when we’d first seen it the day before.


We were both very taken by this large sculpture…


…commissioned to commemorate the centenary of the National Trust.



Looking back at Catbells.


Getting close.


Closer still.


Finished and waiting for TBH.

In Keswick, we once again bumped into friends from the village. We told them we walked from home.

“Have you genuinely?”

I think they thought we were playing an April Fool. Nothing foolish about this enterprise however – I’m hard-pressed to think of a walk I’ve enjoyed more. Now I need to start plotting our next adventure.


Longthwaite Hostel to Derwentwater

Derwentwater to Keswick

Silverdale to Keswick IV: to Keswick

2 thoughts on “Silverdale to Keswick IV: to Keswick

  1. Very enjoyable story and real achievement for A. Next step a wild camping trip. Did a short trip out with the Hardman and E at the weekend that was very successful

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I saw some of the photos, looked good. The kids are all up for wild-camping, logistics are a bit difficult to get my head around however.

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