Myer’s Allotment Again


The sun was shining again, my Mum and Dad were visiting, I couldn’t resist dragging everyone out for a quick turn around Myer’s Allotment to see my new favourite local view. (Almost everyone, A had hurt her knee the day before and is temporarily out of action).

Once again I saw a Chiff-chaff singing from a low branch, just overhead in fact, as if to make a mockery of my idea that they confine themselves to the treetops and are hard to see.


This eggshell was quite large, and suspiciously like one of the ones from the nest by the pond-dipping boardwalk at Leighton Moss. Is it possible that it was stolen and then brought this far by the thief to be consumed?


Here is the aforementioned view…


And a pano version (click on any of the pictures to go to flickr where larger versions are available)


Everything is moving on, seemingly day by day, at the moment. Here the Cowslips were flowering…


It was a short little tour…


…but a very good one…


…enjoyed by one and all…


Myer’s Allotment Again

4 thoughts on “Myer’s Allotment Again

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I don’t use a tripod, they are often quite long distance shots. And I do rely on automatic settings. My new(ish) camera is x24, not massive in the generally escalating race to produce bigger and bigger zooms. But it was recommended to me by a bird-watching friend. It allows f2.8 all the way through the zoom, which is unusual: most superzooms only allow an increasingly small aperture as the zoom gets larger. The wider f2.8 lets in more light apparently and hence the reasonable quality. As for the tripod business – I imagine that must be something to do with the camera’s image stabilization?
      Of course, you don’t see the many, many truly awful ones!

  1. I’m equally impressed. I also use the “take hundreds and hope a couple come out OK” approach. Can you manually adjust the exposure and aperture? Obviously a fast shutter speed to minimise the effect of movement plus a low aperture setting to let in as much light as possible to compensate

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It’s set to default to f2.8 which will then give a high shutter speed. There is also an entirely manual mode but I hardly ever use it.

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