Kentmere Pike from Longsleddale


Looking down Longsleddale.

A rare conjunction of opportunity and decent weather found me heading out for a post-work jaunt in the Lakes.


Tarn Crag.

Here’s the route I took:

Longsleddale and Kentmere Pike

Although, I should warn you that I drew it on by hand and I now realise that at the northern most point I’ve made a slight error: I actually turned left slightly sooner.

Steel Rigg on Kentmere Pike

Just by the junction of the paths here there’s a gate which gives access to the area just below Wrengill Quarry, and that’s where I turned left, through the gate and across the surprisingly dry, empty gill. One day I’m going to come back and properly explore the remains of the quarry, but on this occasion I looked for the boundary between the very tightly packed contours of the steep ground overlooking Longsleddale and the more relaxed open hillside above Brownhowe Bottom. To my mind a route like this is a win-win: easy walking but with the drama of the crags and steep slopes close by to my left-hand side.

This photo…



…was taken close to the top of the section of wall marked on the map south of where it says ‘Steel Rigg’. The crags were more impressive than I’d anticipated, and I stuck close to this edge for as long as it was still taking me uphill.


Tarn Crag and Longsleddale.

Despite the sunshine, it was a very quiet evening. I saw a party of three and another lone walker (or a straggler), heading down the valley, not long after I left Sadgill, and I was overtaken a little further up the track by a cyclist. And that was it. As far as I know I had Kentmere Pike entirely to myself for the remainder of the evening.


Tarn Crag and Buckbarrow Crag from the top of Goat Scar.


Shipman Knotts.


Ill Bell and Froswick.

Fabulous to get a chance just to be out, the sunshine and the solitude were the icing on the cake and the very satisfactory ‘off-piste’ section of the walk the cherry on top. I’m pretty much always on the look out for potential pathless routes of this ilk when I head to the Lakes on my own these days.

Kentmere Pike from Longsleddale

4 thoughts on “Kentmere Pike from Longsleddale

  1. A good round over very familiar ground to me. If you are looking for less populated walks in the Lakes look selectively at Wainwright’s Outlying Fells – we have had some great walks completing them over the last few months.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Absolutely! I like the Outlying Fells book, it always feels like Wainwright might have been enjoying himself when he put the walks together. Many of the Outlying Fells are also Birketts and many of them are simply worth doing whether they are in a list or not. Some are not in access land however – did you have trouble getting to any of the tops?

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      My wellbeing was at around 98% (Well-being is measured on a percentage scale, according to the sterling work of Baloney, Waffle and Madeup) well above the levels experienced during the invaluable training.

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