Attenborough: the nature reserve that is not the venerable television presenter. The nature reserve, by the village of Attenborough, is where we met on the Sunday of our get-together. The very modern building above is the visitor centre, which has an excellent café; it seemed rude not to begin there with a cup of tea, and since sitting on the veranda in the sunshine proved so pleasant, we returned there later for lunch.


A first stab at using the panorama function for group shots – it has mostly worked, but seems to have done something odd to David’s nose.

Obviously, I was in my element because there were lots of birds to photograph.


Tufted ducks.


There are several walking routes around the reserve, some of which also follow the banks of the River Trent. I was quite surprised how busy those paths were – this is clearly a very popular destination on a sunny summer’s day.


Great Crested Grebe.


Reed Bunting.


I was quite chuffed to spot this male Reed Bunting; my previous attempts to photograph Reed Buntings at Leighton Moss have not been entirely successful. It was his unfamiliar song which first caught my attention. We watched as he set-off in pursuit of a butterfly, but he failed to catch it.

At the back of the visitor centre a hide is set between two banks of artificial Sand Martin burrows. It was mesmerising to sit watching the adult birds swoop in and then flit out again.


They were very fast, and this is my least worst attempt to get a photo.


This Grey Heron was much more obliging, posing calmly in a small dyke beside one of the busy paths.


When I think of the many times I’ve tried to take pictures of Herons near home, and how infrequently I’ve had any kind of success, I’m amazed by just how placid and unafraid this Heron seemed to be. Maybe it’s a friend of the Bank Vole we’d seen earlier that same week; or maybe I’ve begun to emanate waves of soothing energy. Maybe.


I took this photograph mainly for identification purposes, but even with this, and photographs of the leaves too, I’m struggling to decide which of the UK’s many endemic Crane’s-bills this is. Not to worry, I’ve posted it for its waves of soothing energy anyway.



4 thoughts on “Attenborough

  1. So glad you got some good weather for your visit. It’s lovely to see our local places through a visitors eyes. Do you think the Heron has just got used to people being around? Great shot anyway.
    Glad you got some sunshine.
    Jacquie x

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I think maybe your explanation is more sensible than mine, although it’s not a phenomena I’ve ever noticed before. The sunshine was great. I saw that you were in our neck of the woods recently (or close to it anyway), but I’ve only read the first post, I hope you had some decent weather too – I need to catch up!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, it’s nice (but it was very busy). The cafe was very pleasant. And there’s a shop with books dedicated solely to hoverflies (I didn’t buy, not sure how I resisted).

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