Holidays Are Here Again…


A short post to celebrate the arrival of the holidays and the restoration of my camera to its usual reliable performance. With the family now spread across four schools, our holidays don’t always exactly coincide. In this instance, I finished before everybody else. A perfect opportunity then for a short afternoon stroll to Woodwell and back. It was whilst photographing this Water-lily that I stumbled across the inappropriate ISO setting on my camera.

In Bottom’s Wood I was mesmerised by four Speckled Wood butterflies eddying and tumbling around each other in a dazzling, dizzying dance. I tried to photograph them, but the auto-focus and I were both far too slow (that’s my defence and the auto-focus can’t stick up for itself). Occasionally one would sit out for  a moment, perhaps to catch their breath for the next frenetic reel.



Comments of the “Bloody teachers, 26 weeks off every year, only work ten till two, blah, blah, blah…” are invited. Always makes me feel enormously smug. Anyway, I’m catching my breath for the next frenetic reel.

Holidays Are Here Again…

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