Our Grand Tour – the Norwegian Epic


After our bog-standard, familiar, comfortable, annual camp-by-the-sea on the Llyn we stepped way out of our comfort zone, well, way out of my comfort zone anyway, and embarked on A Grand European Tour via a cruise on the truly enormous SS Norwegian Epic.


This photo gives a better sense of its size than the first. Those apparently tiny boats around the base of the ship are the lifeboats, here being used to tender passengers to the port at Cannes. The lifeboats each have a capacity of close to 300 – they aren’t by any means small.


Here’s A in the cabin which TBH and I shared with her. The boys were on bunkbeds in a room with their grandparents.


The pool on Deck 15.


Another view of Deck 15, a pano which, disconcertingly, shows both fore and aft in one picture.


Our Grand Tour – the Norwegian Epic

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