Our Grand Tour – A Day at Sea


The first day of our cruise was spent at sea. Whilst the rest of the family opted for the delights of Deck 15 (pool, slides, bars, sun-loungers, hoards of other holiday-makers) I spent most of the day in my favourite spot on the boat.


Our balcony.

I got through lots of books on our trip. Two of them had the same title, this…


…is Mary Beard’s history, which I was reading for research purposes, as opposed to Robert Harris’s historical thriller. Can you guess the shared title?

Looking at a map of the Mediterranean, I think we must have passed through the Strait of Bonifacio, and since our room was on the Starboard side, I think that this…


…must be the coast of Sardinia.

B spotted Dolphins, but I wasn’t with him and so missed them. Unlike the huge crowd of people who were in the huge cafeteria style restaurant when he announced he’d seen them, and crowded behind him and his siblings at the windows, which I think was a bit disconcerting for them.

I did spot something leaping out of the water that day, but I’m not sure that they were dolphins, they were quite some distance off and looked too pale to be dolphins. Fortunately, on the last day of the cruise I finally saw some dolphins breaching and was able to watch them for a while.


Our Grand Tour – A Day at Sea

4 thoughts on “Our Grand Tour – A Day at Sea

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Oh, good guess, but no. Look at a map of the Med, trace a line from Barcelona, between Corsica and Sardinia and you’ll see where we were heading. That will give you an enormous clue.

  1. Pompeii or Imperium? I’ve been to Bonifacio on Corsica and very nice it was too. I can just imagine you sitting quietly on the balcony while the massed hordes enjoyed the facilities. Must say the idea of a waterside on a boat is somewhat appealing

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      You get the prize – it was Pompeii. I really enjoyed both, although they were very different, obviously. I have Imperium on my ginormous ‘to read’ pile. I’ve always fancied Corsica and I suppose Sardinia must be worth a look too. The problem with the waterslides (apparently) were the enormous queues. The balcony was a much better bet, with a good book (I read loads – My Family and Other Animals was my favourite, can’t quite believe that I’ve never got around to that before) and a cold wheat beer 😀

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