Our Grand Tour – The Colosseum


How would you expect to find the Colosseum in the middle of summer? Thronged with tourists, but awesome none-the-less?


That was my impression anyway. I’ve read that it seated around 50,000 and it is certainly huge.


The wooden platform on the right shows the level of the ancient arena. The rooms below were holding-pens for animals and rooms for the use of gladiators.





The skull of (if I remember correctly) a bear, presumably slaughtered in the arena.



Obviously, the Colosseum has a grisly history, but the sheer scale of what remains is breath-taking.


Our Grand Tour – The Colosseum

3 thoughts on “Our Grand Tour – The Colosseum

  1. Stunning. I suppose this is the good and bad side of any tour holiday. You see loads of amazing places that you want to go back to but never quite enough time to really savour them that first time

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Well – we had at least an hour – I was happy with that. But would definitely go back to Rome – again, we scratched the surface.

  2. These pictures are nothing short of impressive. You capture this building magnificently as part of both the ancient and the modern world. My own grand tour is still some years off but this really whets the appetite.

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