Our Grand Tour: Put Out the Flags


After Civitavecchia and Roma: Livorno and Firenze. Or Florence, if you’re the kind of ignoramus who can sit on a coach and wonder why all the road signs refer to the former and not the latter, as I did. It was another day of clear skies and sunshine. Possibly even hotter than the previous day, although the mostly shady streets of Florence were pleasantly cool.

From the coach we’d seen the Alps, with white topped peaks which I would have assumed were snow-capped if we hadn’t been told that in fact what we could see was Italian marble in the mountains.

No sooner had we arrived in the centre of Florence than we were met by mounted policewomen, a marching band…



Costumed burghers of the city…


…and a banner waving parade.


Nice of the locals to make an effort!

Our Grand Tour: Put Out the Flags

4 thoughts on “Our Grand Tour: Put Out the Flags

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Is it also part of our collective British arrogance that we’ve renamed so many places around the world? Naples and Rome too. Actually, we particularly seem to like to rename Italian cities. I wonder why that is?

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