Barcelona – Casa de les Punxes


After a day at the beach, or possibly a day at the wonderfully odd sea-water swimming pool at Zona de banys del Forum, we had another ‘Gaudi’ day – wandering around the city using our tourist map to find some Gaudi designed buildings.


It’s possible to look inside many of them but it always costs something, and usually quite a bit, so we contented ourselves with window-shopping.


I’m no expert on architecture (or anything else for that matter), but I do know that I like what Gaudi did.


In our wandering, we came across other buildings, designed by other, less celebrated, architects, which I also appreciated.


So what will follow is a series of posts, mainly photos, from our ramble around Barcelona.






Barcelona – Casa de les Punxes

2 thoughts on “Barcelona – Casa de les Punxes

  1. I know this marks me out as a complete cultural vacuum but old are these buildings. I have no real knowledge of what Barcelona was like before it was transformed into what we see today or when that transformation, if that’s the right sense, happened. Whatever, its clear from your photos that it’s a unique place

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      This building is from the first decade of the Twentieth Century. And not designed by Gaudi, I now discover. Doh! It’s meant to look a little like a castle, so perhaps looks older than it actually is.

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