Ulverston Lantern Festival


Last year we stumbled upon the Ulverston Lantern Festival when we tried to stop in Ulverston for fish and chips on the way home from a walk across the sands to Piel Island, found that all of the roads into the town centre were closed and chose to park on the outskirts and investigate.


This year we did much the same thing, this time on the way home from our trip to Roa Island.


I think that there’s more to it than this, but the part of the Festival we’ve seen is a huge parade through the town with people displaying their amazing lantern creations, accompanied by marching bands of drummers.


Some of the lanterns are amazing – witness the enormous Gruffalo above – but what I really like about it is the sheer number of people who are involved: it seems to be a superb community event.


Last year’s theme seemed to be toys, this year I think it must have been woodland creatures. I took lots of photos, thinking that they were coming out sharply despite the darkness. Oddly, the camera’s video function seems to have coped rather better with the light conditions:


Edit: WordPress doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that this is a video. Click on it and a new tab will open in flickr where you will be able to watch it. (It’s only 15 seconds and you can hear one of the marching bands into the bargain.)

Ulverston Lantern Festival

4 thoughts on “Ulverston Lantern Festival

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It is great fun. I’m pretty sure that there were fireworks afterwards to, but we didn’t wait for those, because, as A pointed out when she saw these photos, it was perishing and we weren’t really properly dressed for standing around in the cold.

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