Beneath the Boughs


I was out early today, a half-moon still high in the western sky.



It was my intention to watch the sunrise from Castlebarrow, but a line of cloud in the East was going to delay the sun’s first appearance and it was far too cold to stand around waiting.

Instead, I took a turn around Eaves Wood and watched the sunrise from the Ring O’Beeches.





Later, I was out again with A. She chose the route and took me for another, longer tour of Eaves Wood. I hadn’t noticed the Snowdrops flowering there when I passed the in half-darkness earlier.


I’ve walked past this new(ish?) bench once before…


…, but didn’t notice then the small plaque attached to it.


I’m sure I’ve quoted W.H.Davies poem ‘Leisure’ before. It must be his best remembered poem. I found his ‘Autobiography of a Supertramp’ very entertaining.

During both walks I saw, and heard, a buzzard coasting above the treetops.

I noticed last weekend that the Robins were singing, seemingly from every tree and bush. Great tits have begun to join them and I think I heard a Chaffinch today too.

I was out for a third time later, briefly in Eaves Wood, then crossing the Lots, but having set-off in the half-darkness again, didn’t take any photos.

Beneath the Boughs

10 thoughts on “Beneath the Boughs

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, but….
      My camera does the opposite – over-emphasising colour wherever it finds it. It’s quite a complicated camera with lots of options and soon after I bought it I also bought a book about how to use it. That had a chapter on recommended settings, which I slavishly followed, and that maybe why I get all that colour. Whatever the reason, I like the results, even if the photos usely look somewhat more spectacular than the reality.

  1. Trying for the umpteenth time to leave a comment… What is it about WordPress blogs?
    Over the last few months I’ve tried frequently to leave comments, but all to non avail. Which is strange, because I *do* manage to leave comments on Robin Evans’ WP blog.
    Gorgeous, Mark. As have been all your previous posts.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks for persevering Alan, it’s much appreciated. Like Andy I’ve also sometimes had problems with posting comments on Blogger posts, although not always – no problems with ConradWalks for example. Curious.

  2. We were both out early then (me and TJS had a breakfast in the Black Mountains). Gorgeous early morning shots.
    On my pocket camera I have a setting called “vivid” which I use and ehances the colours. My old Panasonic also used to have feature called “auto-bracket” which took 3 shots at high, medium and low exposure settings. Fiddling with the ISO settings also creates some rather stunning if unrealistic sunset images
    Mr Sloman – I have exactly the same problem with Blogger as it really doesn’t like my WordPress ID and I often have to publish comments several times and I always have to log out of my Google ID (which I need for the Reader) in order for it to even consider accepting my WordPress ID. Clearly WordPress and Blogger have had a lovers tiff and now behave like an estranged couple fighting over who has the teasmade (70’s reference) 🙂

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      My camera has a bewildering number of options of which I only use a very limited amount, except when I occasionally accidentally change the settings! It has a specific sunset mode which is often good, but sometimes rather over-eggs the pudding.

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