Grand Designs – An Igloo on Wansfell


A superb forecast for the weekend had me thinking about getting out to The Lakes for a walk. TBH had already planned her own walk with a couple of friends, part of an ongoing scheme to keep in touch by walking together once a month. I thought I might initiate a similar programme and asked the Tower Captain how he was fixed. Having both recently escaped for an entire weekend, it fell to us to take responsibility for the ankle-biters. And the Tower Captain’s dogs.

Somehow, independently of each other, both groups lighted on Troutbeck as their choice of destination. And so it was, somewhat comically, that we were all parked next to each other, by Church Bridge heading for Troutbeck Tongue and Wansfell respectively.

We hadn’t set off particularly early, and Little S was immediately pestering me about stopping for lunch, which we duly did, not far above the village on Nanny Lane.


It was surprisingly hot for late March. Further up the lane we spotted a Peacock butterfly, my first butterfly of the year. There was still some snow on the higher fells, however…


Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke.

And when we came across a couple of isolated patches of snow, the boys were picking up lumps of it to suck on and rub on their foreheads and arms in order to cool down. (It wasn’t as hot as that suggests!)


Red Screes, Stony Cove Pike and part of High Street.


When we reached the highest point, some of us decided to sit down and drink in the view…


Whilst the boys immediately started to build snowmen…


Well, not just the boys…


The Tower Captain suggested that there was sufficient snow for them to build an igloo. Some children might have spotted this for the sarcastic comment that it was no doubt intended to be, but B, typically, took it as a personal challenge.


The Tower Captain tried to resist…


…whilst B enlisted the other children’s help…


…but soon he was embroiled in the construction project too…




I supervised from a supine position. It’s possible that my eyes may have closed for a while, so that I could concentrate on the logistics of the situation, obviously.

Soon, B deemed that the igloo was complete and it was time to try it out. Plenty of room for Little S…


…a bit tighter for B…




I neglected to mention that B had incorporated a window into his design.


The igloo was altogether more ‘cosy’ for the Junior Tower Captain…


..and A…


And when the Tower Captain tried to squeeze his not inconsiderable frame into the igloo…


…the inevitable happened…


…and much hilarity ensued. A captured the whole thing on video, and very funny it is too. Maybe she’ll get round to posting it on her own blog one of these days.



Fairfield and its ridges.

We followed the ridge to Wansfell Pike, which is a better viewpoint than the actual summit, and more popular with visitors.




We had intended to drop down to Ambleside and then come back round to Troutbeck via Jenkin Crag and Skelghyll Wood, but we were running short of time, so took a direct route back down onto Nanny Lane instead.


The amazing display of daffodils in the churchyard of Jesus Church in Troutbeck.

Apparently, the walk on Troutbeck Tongue was very pleasant, but I can’t imagine it was as much fun as our outing.

Grand Designs – An Igloo on Wansfell

9 thoughts on “Grand Designs – An Igloo on Wansfell

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It was! By the judicious choice of sunny days and suitable routes I’m trying to indoctrinate my kids with a love of the outdoors and walking, just as I was indoctrinated in turn by my own parents. It seems to be working.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      In the 1980s we had a few large family get togethers in nearby Patterdale at Easter. There was often, usually I would say, a great deal of snow around on the fells at that time. In the Highlands at Easter I would have been astonished not to find snow. In the Lakes at least, the snow has now completely gone, even on the highest hills. But our climate isn’t changing, obviously; the US have just rescinded all of their climate change legislation, so I must be imagining it!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Duly noted. One might say that you are bitter about being referred to as a biter? (Can you see what I did there?) Please do post the video, I’m sure it will make me laugh all over again.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      🙂 Knew that was coming. It’s B who thinks you are younger. Why – “because he always goes after you in beach cricket.”. “Yes and I go after you B, am I younger than you?”. “Oh!”.
      At first I assumed it was my more mature attitude and responsible behaviour!
      It was a very fine day out. And we’ve had some other good ones since.

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