Barrow Dock Museum


We’ve been intending to check out the Dock Museum in Barrow for quite some time and, last week, finally got around to it.


It’s a small museum, but it has model boats, which are pretty irresistible,


…and The Furness Hoard, found locally in 2011 and including Viking, Saxon and Arab coins plus fragments of arm-rings and bracelets, not dissimilar in fact from The Silverdale Hoard.


Having examined the area’s Viking treasures, you may want to dress the part…


There are also axe-heads and arrowheads of Langdale stone which were apparently brought to the Barrow area for finishing and polishing.


A big surprise for me, and a great discovery, was this furniture by the late Tim Stead.


I’ve not been aware of his work before, but shall be looking out for it in the future. He was one of the artists who built the Millennium Clock, now housed by the National Museum of Scotland, and definitely added to my ‘too see’ list.

Whilst the boys hared around the playground in the museum grounds, I took a quick look at the docks themselves.


Our trip to the museum was intended to be a precursor to a trip to the Wildlife Trust reserve at the southern end of Walney Island, somewhere I’ve long wanted to visit, much like Foulney Island in fact. But, having had my sutures removed early that morning, I now discovered that everything was not quite going to plan, and we spent the next three hours, or thereabouts, sitting around in A&E at Barrow Infirmary waiting to see what was to be done. Not much, it eventually transpired. Patience is the order of the day apparently. Ho-hum.

Barrow Dock Museum

7 thoughts on “Barrow Dock Museum

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes! I’m fascinated by hoards like this one and the Silverdale hoard, particularly the coins, which had the heads of a surprisingly large different number of Kings on them.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I shall do my best. Fortunately, it’s nothing too serious, just a bit alarming to discover that the incision I believed to be healing well was actually open again and bleeding a fair bit. It’s a slow process, which is frustrating but OK.

  1. I like this sort of thing. We visited an outdoor museum in Brittany a few years back which had loads of boats of differing types and sizes that you could clamber all over. The boys would love that. Hope the wound heals up quickly. I’m off to cut up some meat for breakfast!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      That sounds fantastic, I think we would all love it. I can think of three outdoor museums which I’ve visited: Beamish, Enkhuizen and one in Germany (the name and location of which escape me) and they were all superb. Oh – we all went to one on in France too, also good. Enjoy your fry up!

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