A Saturday Triptych – Third Time Lucky


After tea (the ham and pease pudding were very good, in case you were wondering) I wanted to head out again. I’d been out too early to ask anyone too accompany me in the morning, and had no luck persuading any of the family to join me in the afternoon, but for my evening constitutional, Little S took pity on me and came along for a stroll. Here we are at The Cove. Well, here he is, just about visible, clambering up the rocks to the left of the smelly cave.


I’d told him that the usually muddy surface of the Bay was firm and sandy and he was keen for a wander across. In fact, once we were on the sands, he got quite carried away and suggested following the coast down to Jack Scout. I thought that was an excellent idea, but in the interests of fairness, felt duty bound to tell him that such a walk would take a while and might interfere with his plans to watch the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, at which point he backtracked hastily and opined that we should take the shortest possible route back through the village. So we did.


Good to be out again, though, flying a kite or otherwise.


I needed to be back myself, since I was going to The Village Institute, to see Lancaster band ‘The Metermen’ who play hammond organ centred funk, mostly covers of tunes by the Meters, but also the MG’s, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Smith etc. This was the second time I’d seen them, and I knew that I would enjoy it.

I can’t find any Metermen performances online, but they covered a Cooking On 3 Burners tune, who, in turn, are responsible for this rather marvellous cover…

A Saturday Triptych – Third Time Lucky

2 thoughts on “A Saturday Triptych – Third Time Lucky

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thought you might like it – one of the original members of Cooking on 3 Burners is the main man behind The Bamboos. You’d probably like the Metermen too. More live music in the village tonight, by a guitarist who once played with Argent – they on your early seventies prog-rock radar?

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