Jackdaws and Orchids on the Lots

Hagg Wood – Silverdale Green – Stankelt Road – The Lots – The Cove


A much more modest wander, this one, before a social event in Grange with TBH and a whole host of other people.

A small herd of cows on The Lots were seemingly a magnet for birds – as I approached several Starlings, a Magpie and a few Jackdaws all winged away from the sward around the cows. But two of the Jackdaws were less perturbed by my presence and continued to strut about between the apparently oblivious cows like a couple of minor officials puffed up with the importance of their office.



Early Purple Orchids on The Lots.


Shelduck on the bay, near The Cove.


This Oystercatcher seems to have had a minor prang – the end of its beak looks like it needs remodelling.


Cut flowers, by the benches above The Cove.


An act of remembrance?

These benches are, for much of the year at least, a fabulous place to sit and watch the sunset and I’m sure that they are a favourite spot for a lot of people. Although, admittedly, I rarely come across anyone sitting there, I have, from time to time, had some memorable conversations here whilst watching the sun drop into the sea.

Jackdaws and Orchids on the Lots

2 thoughts on “Jackdaws and Orchids on the Lots

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, should be good. TBH suggested a walk to Warton for a meal. I can’t remember what the food was like. I suppose we can decide at the weekend.

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