Birding at Foulshaw Moss


Another instalment in the ongoing adventures of a tax-driving Dad. Monday night is dance night for A, well one of them anyway, but I was feeling lazy again, so rather than use the time for a walk in the Milnthorpe area, I drove north to Foulshaw Moss. That actually works out pretty well (note to self) because you can’t walk all that far within the nature reserve, although they have extended the boardwalks.

Once again, I didn’t see the Ospreys; I didn’t even see the cameras set-up by the nest which I’ve previously mistaken for Ospreys. (I know, when Simon Barnes coined the phrase ‘Bad-birdwatching’ I’m sure he didn’t have anything that loopy in mind.) I was royally entertained by an elusive family of Wrens though.



There were in fact, lots of birds to see, but they were mostly even more elusive than the Wrens.


I like the wide open spaces anyway, and you can always rely on a Blackbird to pose…



Columbine (Aquilegia Vulgaris)


Great Spotted Woodpecker.

I saw several Reed Buntings, all males curiously, but even though some of the sightings were very clear and close, they were all fleeting, or seen against the light, and this is the best photo I managed…


Small flocks of very excitable birds were flitting about between the tree-tops. I took numerous photos, none of which came out very well, but I think that they were Linnets. The habitat would be right.

Hirundines were also present in great numbers over the reedbeds, including my first Swifts of the year (I think).


So intent was I on the birds, that I almost missed these really quite demonstrative and showy Marsh Cinquefoil which were growing straight from the water by one of the boardwalks.


Birding at Foulshaw Moss

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