Palmate Newts, Red Tarn.


We have three species of newts: Smooth, Great Crested and Palmate. These are the latter – the smallest British species, about 8-9 cm long. The newt at the back is a male – the spots and the red on his tail are part of his mating finery, and characteristic of male Palmate Newts.




…are both males. The webbed rear feet are also something males develop only during the mating season.

And finally…


…this male has a thin filament at the end of his tail – another peculiarity of male Palmates during the breeding season.

My field guide says:

“Found in lakes, ponds and canals; often occurs in fairly acid pools on upland moors.”

Red Tarn fits the bill then.

Palmate Newts, Red Tarn.

2 thoughts on “Palmate Newts, Red Tarn.

  1. I shall keep an eye out in the tarns down my way in future. Talk of newts always reminds me when we bought some to put in the garden pond at home when I was a kid. We excitedly emptied them into the pond watched them swim under a rock and never saw them again!

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      My guess is that they are usually pretty shy and secretive. That said, these were openly swimming near the surface at the margins of the tarn and weren’t even put off by the kids entering the water. It helps when trying to spot them if you have a B with you!

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