High Cup


The Hardman came for a weekend visit, at the tail-end of November, bringing his daughters E and C with him. On the Saturday, none of us got up particularly early and we were very late leaving the house, which wasn’t ideal since we hoped to visit High Cup Nick. On the drive northward, the hills beyond Orton were plastered with snow, and with the sun shining, the children were very keen to stop to walk there. I confidently assured them that both the sunshine and the snow would be equally abundant at our eventual destination, but proved to be wrong on both counts.

The Hardman was very keen to access the Nick from below and the walk in from Dufton turned out to be quite a lengthy one. As we began to ascend into the High Cup valley, we found a reasonably sheltered spot for a brew and some butties…




Our late start ensured that we never made it to the Nick, instead we walked up the valley and then cut back up the hillside to meet the Pennine Way. We finished in the dark, which I always think is only right for a winter walk. The High Cup valley is stunning, I’m not sure if my photos really convey that, but it’s well worth a visit.

High Cup

High Cup

10 thoughts on “High Cup

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      We’ve had one snowy walk, and very briefly a covering of snow, soon washed away by rain, but generally, being by the sea and the Gulf Stream, we get relatively mild weather. A Happy New Year to you too!

  1. I wasn’t really aware of High Cup until I happened to catch a Julia Bradbury programme about it one morning just a few days ago while I was lazing on the couch and flicking through the dozens of tv channels trying to find something interesting to watch. Looks like one to add to the list.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, definitely. I’ve been there a few times, but have never really been to the Nick in decent conditions, so I’m due another trip before too long.

  2. I find this hard to believe but despite walking the area a few times (and stayed in Dufton Hostel) I’ve neither walked around or even seen High Cup Nick. I can’t imagine how I’ve let that happen. Fantastic looking place.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I camped close to the Nick once. It chucked it down the whole time I was there. When I passed it on the Pennine Way it was during a blizzard. I think I went once with MUHC, but it was misty. My visits seem to have been ill-fated. Why didn’t we go when we rented Dufton Hostel? Anyway, I’m going back there soon, I’ve decided. And back to Upper Teesdale – my visit last spring stands out as a highlight of a year which included a lot of excellent walks.

      1. I think the kids were all still very young when we were at Dufton so that may have limited our walking exploits. Perhaps the next backpacking trip with the kids should be up that way?

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