A Friday night, after work. I’d had a training day and had been able to head home early after a ‘Continental Day’, but somehow contrived to only leave the house for a walk as the sun was already setting…


I was worried that I’d missed my chance, but when I reached the Cove…


…the light was still spectacular.

More Hughes: ‘Go Fishing’ is full of imperatives:

‘Lose words

And later, ‘Be…’

‘Dissolved in earth-wave, the soft sun-shock,
Dismembered in sun-melt’


‘Let the world come back, like a white hospital
Busy with urgency words

Try to speak and nearly succeed
Heal into time and other people’

There are a couple of benches by the path above The Cove. Because it’s so close to home I never think to take a stove, or a flask, or a bite to eat when I go there. But perhaps I should. It’s probably the most calming spot I know and as good a place as any in which to…

‘Let brain mist into moist earth
Ghost loosen away downstream
Gulp river and gravity’


4 thoughts on “Sun-melt

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Absolutely. You’ll see in my next post that, a couple of days later, I regretted leaving the Cove rather too hastily.

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