Snowballs on Whernside


Twas the weekend before Christmas. Well, strictly ’twas the weekend before the weekend  before Christmas, but lets not get bogged down with detail. Once again, a gaggle of old friends had gathered at The Old School House in Chapel-le-Dale and, whisper it, it wasn’t raining. This came as something of a shock as usually it chucks it down when we are there. (The following day normal service was resumed).

There was some talk, on the Friday night, of an Alpine start, some of the adults escaping early to bag Whernside, but in the event, almost all of the children wanted to come too. Here we all are…


Well, most of us. Uncle Fester and TJF took the languishing in the house option and others were yet to arrive.

The path was extremely icy, which bothered the kids not one jot, but which made me nervous on their behalf. Probably I was over-concerned, we crested the steep part of the ascent without incident and were then into deeper snow.


Looking towards Pen-y-ghent.


Little S with a lump of snow. He was eating it. Of course. Ingleborough behind.


The boys were in their element. They loved the snow, the icicles, and particularly the snowdrifts.



Fortunately, the rest of the party were very patient with us.


B enjoying nature’s ice-lolly.


Ribblehead Viaduct and Pen-y-ghent.


Ingleborough again.


On the summit, some people had a bit of a natter, whilst others – well TBH – enjoyed a hot drink from their flask…


…and the DBs had serious snow to deal with…


I don’t have any photos of the snowball fight which followed, since I was heavily involved. Mainly as a target, or at least that’s how it felt. The DBs are surprisingly accurate it transpires.


Waterfall in Force Gill.

The day had still more delights for the boys: frozen puddles. In places the ice was quite thin and creaked unnervingly, not that the DBs were very bothered. And when they did eventually go through, the water wasn’t very deep, although I suspect that Little S got wet feet.


There were further delights for the rest of us too: the cloud veiling and unveiling Ingleborough…


…and then great company and the usual combination of stories old and new (mostly old),  daft conversations and obscure trivia (we plumbed new depths this year with area dialling codes, which are, according to TBF, absolutely compelling).

On the Sunday, in driving rain, a select (or daft) few of us took a wander up to Ivescar and then along to Ellerbeck before returning past the tiny chapel which presumably gives the hamlet its name. Although it was throwing it down and there were huge puddles everywhere, much of the ice had yet to melt, which made the going particularly treacherous. Even after just a short walk, I was drenched by the time we were back at the School House. That didn’t put a damper on the day though, or on a very relaxing weekend.

My life in dialling codes…01522, 0116, 0161, 01524. Hmmm…Manchester is a anagram of Leicester and Lancaster is Lincoln + 2. There’s more to this than I thought!

Or not.

Snowballs on Whernside

7 thoughts on “Snowballs on Whernside

  1. Oi! Stop nicking my blog words you plagiarizing git, I coined the day before the day before, before you did (using “before” 3 times in the same sentence, I like that)
    Cracking day out that, one of the best of the year in the mountains. I’ve had days with better weather and views, but the company on this walk and the fact the kids not only came with us but had a great time really made it.
    My god, I’d forgotten about the dialing code conversation, makes you ache for motorway service station discussions. Sadly I’m not able to recall my life based on dialing codes to see if there are any interesting numerical quirks. We are going to have pull out all the stops to find a more pathetic conversational topic next time we meet up

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It was a terrific day which the kids enjoyment enhanced no end, as you say. We’ll have to plan for boring conversations – ball-bearings? (regularly listened to two blokes discussing that at the bar when I was a barman) barcodes? car registrations? (did we do that as well?) postboxes? (Oh – now that’s quite interesting though, nearly as good as dialling codes!)

  2. As I said on Surfnslide’s blog, I’d have loved to have been tagging along on this hike. Never the less, totally enjoyable reading with fabulous photos. Everyone’s enjoyment oozes from them.

  3. Nice Unicorn impressions! Dialling codes seem quite fascinating. I joined the Pillbox Study Group as my Christmas treat and I’m thinking about pillar boxes too. There is just so much interesting stuff to do! 😉

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