Listed Lancaster: The Music Room


Hidden away on Sun Square, I think I worked in the town for quite a few years without really being aware that this curio was here.


This is what the Wikipedia page on listed buildings has to say:

“This originated as a summer house, it was restored in the 1970s, and then used as a shop and a flat. It is in sandstone with a slate roof, and has three storeys, three bays, and a balustraded parapet. The bays are divided by pilasters, fluted Ionic on the ground floor, fluted Corinthian in the middle floor, and panelled in the top floor. In the ground floor is a central round-headed archway, now glazed, flanked by doorways with architraves. The windows are sashes, the window above the archway having a swan-neck pediment and a central urn. Inside is richly decorated plasterwork.”

Some summerhouse!

I’ve never been inside to see the plasterwork, but now I’d like to. Good to see hardy customers enjoying the sunshine and sitting outside on the first day in February.

Listed Lancaster: The Music Room

6 thoughts on “Listed Lancaster: The Music Room

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Quirky isn’t it? I’d like to go up and see the view from behind that parapet – I’m assuming that there’s some sort of terrace on top.

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