Listed Lancaster: 17 – 19 Moor Lane


Who’d’ve thought? As you can see, now an undertakers, but once a house and originally built in the late Seventeenth Century.


Swans on the canal, from earlier in the walk.

A link to the English Heritage page about this property,

Listed Lancaster: 17 – 19 Moor Lane

4 thoughts on “Listed Lancaster: 17 – 19 Moor Lane

  1. Peter says:

    I suspect that this building is a bit older than HE state here, and that it may be the oldest ‘vernacular’ structure in the city. You get images of cottages like this in C18-19 paintings of the city, though they usually have thatched roofs then – which suggests that they are either the very poorest buildings (which would seem odd for something on this bit of street) or that they are survivors of the C18th prosperity ‘rebuilding’ which gave us the Georgian warehouses, town houses, customs house, etc. I have always wanted to get up in the roof and see what the timbers there are like, but I have always felt a bit awkward about trying to get into the ‘back spaces’ of an Undertaker’s premises.

    With regard to the process of Listing, and criteria used to select them, it is all set out on the HE Listings web pages.
    There used to be some useful documents called ‘monument class descriptions’ written by experts and setting out what you might expect of e.g. a medieval moated site or a Norman earthwork castle, how they varied across the country and what needed to survive of them before they could be considered for protection. Unfortunately these have been withdrawn and the much blander and less informative Listing Selection Guides are provided instead.

    All the Best.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Yes, it would be fascinating to see what remains of the older internal parts of the building. Thanks, as ever, for the useful links!

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