Listed Lancaster: Mill Hall


From the English Heritage listing: “Former mill, now student accommodation. c1800, steam-powered worsted factory, converted into cotton spinning factory by 1828. Heightened by 3 feet and re-roofed, probably c1830, with south-east lift tower added by 1877. Production ceased 1975, and converted into student accommodation 1988-89.”


“The worsted mill was built by Thomas Higgin & Co. Thomas was the second son of John Higgin Senior, Governor of the Castle. In 1828 it was recorded as a cotton mill owned by Burrow, Higgin & Co. In 1846 it was purchased by John Greg, who then owned Moor Lane Mill South. In 1861 it was sold to Storey Brothers, who operated it until its closure. The original engine house occupied the north bay of the mill and rose through 4 storeys, and evidence found during conversion work suggested that the mill was designed from the outset to house a beam engine. The engine bay was floored over in 1929.”


The (now unused) iron fire escape.


It’s good to see old buildings put to new uses like this.

Historic England listing is here.

Listed Lancaster: Mill Hall

4 thoughts on “Listed Lancaster: Mill Hall

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Thanks Helen, reuse and recycle seems a good idea for buildings as with so many other things. It isn;t always a happy outcome however. There’s another example in Lancaster where a modern structure has been plonked on top of an older building and the outcome is hideous.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I reckon theres worse places! Though I suspect it’s University of Cumbria, which, of course, is based largely in Lancaster, rather than the University of Lancaster which isn’t. Are you following this?

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