Listed Lancaster: Friends Meeting House


From a sign on the wall outside the Meeting House, on Meeting House Lane:

“There has been a Meeting House on this site since 1677. The original building was replaced and enlarged in 1708 and forms the core of the present Meeting House, making it Lancaster’s second oldest place of worship after the Priory Church. It was there that George Fox, the founder of Quakerism, preached in 1652 and was stoned through the streets by a hostile mob who objected to his challenging of established religious practices.”

The two-storey porch is a pretty distinctive feature.

I’m always pleased to learn more about George Fox. This was my last encounter with his legacy whilst i was out on a walk:



Listed Lancaster: Friends Meeting House

2 thoughts on “Listed Lancaster: Friends Meeting House

  1. If you are interested in Fox I think you would enjoy the history of J D Carr the biscuit man whose family were from Kendal from where he set off to Carlisle to found his biscuit company. He was also a Quaker, but a bit later than Fox. See my review of Rich Desserts and Captain’s Thin by Margaret Forster on my post “Biscuits and Sledging” a couple of days ago,

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I read your review Conrad and I am interested, perhaps more by the walk than the book. I am intrigued by this areas connections to the early days of Quakerism.

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