Eaves Wood Sunset.


Looking to the Bay and Humphrey Head from Castlebarrow.

A late stroll around the woods. The sun had already set when I set-off.


I made a point of visiting the Toothwort.

And then found a track into an open area which I haven’t visited before…well, not from that direction anyway.


But mostly I enjoyed the afterglow of the sunset in the skies above the trees.



And the cacophony of some Jackdaws and Rooks…


…who were having a final squabble before settling down to roost…


Eaves Wood Sunset.

6 thoughts on “Eaves Wood Sunset.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      An oddity – it’s entirely parasitic, living on the roots of a host tree, so has no need for chlorophyll and no green parts at all. The flowers do resemble teeth. Another name is Corpse Flower because it’s rumoured to grow where a body has been buried. I know a couple of places locally where it reliably pops-up each spring.

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