A Walk after York



We arrived back from York late in the afternoon, but the sun was still shining, so I was quickly out again to take advantage of that fact.


Wood Anemones.



This was one of my little annual pilgrimages – this time to see the Green Hellebores which grow around the margins of the Caravan Park.


Green Hellebore.

The plants look to be in rude health, but at first I couldn’t find any flowers and wondered if I’d left it too late. This is any early flowering plant – apparently in the south of England it can sometimes be found in bloom as early as New Year’s Day.


Fortunately, I hadn’t missed it entirely.


The flowers are unusual rather than spectacular, but I’m always pleased to see them.





Arnside Tower.

Goldfinches seem to be almost ubiquitous these days. I thought I could see a pair hopping about near the top of the walls of the tower.



The camera’s zoom helped to confirm my suspicions.



Silverdale Moss from Arnside Tower.


Middlebarrrow Wood.


Honesty on The Row.

I continued around the bottom edge of Middlebarrow wood to the quarry and then home via Waterslack and The Row. This hedgerow had an impressive display of Honesty. A splendid ginger bee (some sort of Carder Bee perhaps?) led me a merry dance amongst the flowers. It’s colour was perfect against the purple of the Honesty, but every time I took a photo, it moved, so that I have photos without a bee, or at best a blurred bee.

A Walk after York

11 thoughts on “A Walk after York

  1. A mean head cold on our return from PEI has given me leisure time to read your past few posts. I’ve delighted in your capture of spring blossoms and birds. Nature is truly magical.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Blossoms and birds are my favourites I suppose – they’re almost always on show and the simplest encounter can lift my spirits.

  2. Two plants I’ve never come across up here growing wild (Hellebore and Honesty) and I do keep my eyes open, plant wise. I feel the same way about wildlife and nature … an added layer of sparkle to any walk.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      An added layer of sparkle – like hundreds and thousands, absolutely. I think Hellebore is pretty rare in the wild. Honesty is quite common here, but usually on roadside verges or the edges of paths which makes me wonder if it is naturalised. I’m particularly suspicious of this large clump on The Row and wondered if somebody had decided to brighten up the hedgerow here with a packet of seed.

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