Devil’s Bridge


Another Kirkby evening stroll. The heron was there, fishing in much the same spot as last time.


The water looked cool and inviting. I watched as fish jumped from the water to take flies. I felt sure that I would be able to see them swim away under the water, but I couldn’t. Just once I managed to follow the fish briefly, but it was soon lost against the background of rocks and pebbles.


Under Devil’s Bridge some lads were swimming. Very wise.

Devil’s Bridge

4 thoughts on “Devil’s Bridge

  1. The car park round there always seems packed so I assume it’s a popular picnic and river spot. Always thought there would be somewhere to swim although I’ve never stopped there

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There’s a butty wagon there. It’s very popular on the weekend with motorcyclists, when they aren’t steaming along the A65 at 90mph. It seems to be a local right-of-passage for teenagers to jump of the bridge into the river, but there’s a ledge under the water so people have got stuck and drowned. Also – it’s a very long way down.

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