A Rumble of Thunder


Red Valerian growing on a wall on the Row.

On the Friday of half-term, A was off in town watching a film and shopping with friends. The rest of us weren’t sure what to do, with storms and torrential rain forecast.


Confusingly, ‘Red’ Valerian can be white, pinky-red or pink.

We settled for a local walk, sticking fairly close to home, so that we could scuttle back with our tails between our legs should the bad weather materialise. In fact, we heard the odd rumble of thunder as we set-off, and felt the occasional spot of rain, but that was all that came.


Ragged Robin in Lambert’s Meadow. Always pink.


Lambert’s Meadow has a new bridge, but the ditch it crosses has almost dried up.


Water Aven’s.


Water Aven’s gone to seed.


Lambert’s Meadow.


Ribwort Plantain.


Why use the bridge when you can jump across?


A banded snail.


By Burtonwell Wood.


Cow Parsley on Bottoms Lane.

Addendum: I completely forgot to mention, because I have no photos, and photos seem to serve in lieu of memory for me these days, that, at Bank Well, B and I watched fascinated as Newts repeatedly rose to the surface and dived again. These were fleeting glimpses that we had – nothing like the clear view we had last summer in Red Tarn, but satisfying none the less.


A Rumble of Thunder

8 thoughts on “A Rumble of Thunder

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been across Lambert’s Meadow and seen in any other condition than sopping wet. Last time we were there I recall you needed waders to cross it

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      It does tend to dry out a bit in the summer. The (almost) dry ditch was full of watercress, so it’s fair to say that doesn’t often dry-up.

  2. We have the pink and red variety growing in our garden – they often (well, a couple of times a year, most years) attract Hummingbird Hawk Moths. I don’t see much of the white variety around here.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I haven’t seen one of those for many years. A friend had one in his garden nearby – didn’t know what it was, but gave a perfect description so that it couldn’t really have been anything else. Maybe I should plant some Red Valerian in our garden.

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