Beautiful Demoiselle Flies and Great Green Bush-cricket.


Beautiful Demoiselle, male.


Beautiful Demoiselle, female.

This stunning damselfly is a British species, but isn’t generally found as far North as Silverdale and is new to me. It likes gravel-bottomed rivers and was abundant in both places where we stayed in France. They were everywhere and would land on your head when you were in the water.


I think that this is a Great Green Bush-cricket. Here seen on one of our plates. Again, Great Green Bush-crickets can be found in the UK, but not in our area and I don’t think I’ve seen one before – or any grasshopper or cricket anything like as large as this in England. This one is a female with a long, curving ovipositor, used to lay eggs into light, sandy soils apparently. B found her in our tent one morning. She’s missing a leg and we feared for her continued existence but, having put her onto a nearby tree trunk, found her back in our tent again the next morning, or another female, one-legged Great Green Bush-cricket, which seems unlikely.

Beautiful Demoiselle Flies and Great Green Bush-cricket.

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Demoiselle Flies and Great Green Bush-cricket.

  1. Superb Macro shots there. Those electric blue damsel flies were a real highlight of our previous trip. I spent ages watching them and trying to photo them and at the time kept thinking “Mark would really love this”!

  2. One of the joys of going abroad, and camping, is the different wildlife you see. Remember both of them in France, different caterpillars and butterflies, and humming bird hawk moths which completely baffled me at first. Instead of the usual Yellowstone Bison, elk, etc or Birds of Paradise, (again) they should make some wildlife programmes about the small and common creatures, but completely unknown to UK audiences, lurking just the other side of the channel. Much cheaper budget wise than sending a camera team halfway round the world to photograph stuff that’s already been seen many, many times before. They were at it again the other night on TV with Birds of ********** Paradise and I switched channels to watch a crap horror film instead- as at least that was something I hadn’t seen before as a wildlife TV fan.
    Lovely images.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      There did seem to be a lot of very large insects – huge hoverflies for example. A few too many insects that bite as well, sadly.

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      I’ve become a bit obsessed with photographing insects – I think it can me make me slightly(?) frustrating company!

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