An Excursion to the Jonte Valley.


We didn’t travel away from the campsite often when we were in the Cévennes, but we did have one grand day out. The journey itself was interesting, giving us another opportunity to look down into the Tarn Gorge.

And also to enjoy some more roadside entomology.


It seems that as well as a bewildering variety of Grayling butterflies, the Continent is also home to several similar species of Ringlets. This is one of those. It looks very like a Marbled Ringlet, but online sources refer to that as an Alpine species. I remember seeing something similar when we visited the Vosges, although revisiting my post from the time I can see that it was perhaps slightly different. And also, to my surprise, a photo of what looks very like a Silver-washed Fritillary, so that I may have been wrong about never having seen one before.


I can’t find this tiny moth, either in my field guide or online, so I don’t know what it’s called, but I do know that it’s stunningly patterned.


This is a Red-winged Grasshopper, similar to the Blue-winged variety which featured in a recent post. You can’t see the bright red flashes which appear, to startling affect, when the insect hops into flight, but you can see the red hind-legs…



Marbled Ringlet?

The drive over the higher ground was pleasant without being spectacular. It brought us to Meyrueis…


In the valley of the Jonte, a tributary of the Tarn.


Above Meyrueis, we stopped again briefly at a small hillside chapel – Notre-Dame du-Rocher…




I enjoyed the contrasting colours of these flowers…


And have included this second photo because of the tiny, pale Ladybird in the top left corner of the white flower.





We were soon underway again, heading for the excellent Grotte de Dargilan, of which more to follow…(eventually).

An Excursion to the Jonte Valley.

11 thoughts on “An Excursion to the Jonte Valley.

  1. It’s the Jonte valley actually! I’m almost a local in the Cevennes now. That roadside stop had tons of interest. Amazing what you can find just by the side of the road. One advantage of you being so far behind with the blog, a chance to remember hotter and sunnier days after two days of storms and ceaseless rains down here

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      Doh! I even had google maps open to check the spellings, and still copied it wrong. Good job you keep my inline. We’ve got flooding in the field behind the house. B and I did A’s paper round yesterday and came back looking like a couple of drowned rats. Some of the papers didn’t fare too well either. Not sure when, or if, I’ll ever catch up!

        1. beatingthebounds says:

          We had more rain forecast, but it’s dry and seems set to stay that way – I even saw a bit of blue sky on the way home from B’s rugby match at Kirkby.

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