As The Crow Flies

Eaves Wood – Castlebarrow – The Row – Bank Well – Lambert’s Meadow – Burtonwell Wood – The Green – The Clifftop – Woodwell – Bottom’s Wood – The Lots – The Cove.


A dull and damp day, so I didn’t take all that many photos, except of the host of insects which were feeding on a clump of Devil’s-bit Scabious at the edge of Lambert’s Meadow. None of them came out too sharply, but I’ve chosen this one of a hoverfly because I liked the neat pattern on it’s abdomen.


Red Bartsia.



Water Mint.


Speckled Wood.

And finally, not really relevant to this post, but here’s a song by the brilliant Tony Joe White, who died last week…

It seems odd to me that he wasn’t better known.

As The Crow Flies

4 thoughts on “As The Crow Flies

  1. Short post but a great excuse for a bit of TJW. Didn’t know he’d died last week. Very sad, like you say, hugely underrated. Must dig out some of his stuff for a refresh and tribute

    1. beatingthebounds says:

      He wrote ‘Polk Salad Annie’ which Elvis covered. He also wrote several songs for Tina Turner including ‘Steamy Windows’ and he wrote ‘Rainy Night in Georgia’, subsequently a hit for Brook Benton and then covered by just about everyone. He collaborated on some songs with J.J.Cale who is another favourite of mine.

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